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The concept of “public relations” in Turkey has been used recurrently by those concerned with problems of administration, which resulted in an ever increasing interest in “public relations” as a profession.

As our social life gets more complex each day, the need for individuals and institutions to be in touch with organized groups augments, and the mass communication tools are utilized more frequently, the field of “public relations has emerged as an area of specialization, being part of the greater trend of specialization in general. As it is the case elsewhere in the world, “public relations” has become an integral part of administration. Thus, administrators draw considerably from public relations to perform their duties better. Who is eligible to perform this task is an important issue. For this purpose, Department of Public Relations at Marmara University serves to educate well-equipped professionals of public relations.     

Our alumni work to create and sustain a positive image for institutions and companies they work for. They also serve to maintain a flow of information and communication between groups and institutions. They are usually in charge of publicizing events, institutional advertising, media spokespersons, lobbying and administrative consultancy. Thus, public relations is an administrative science that needs to be practiced by experts of the field.  

The thriving field of public relations calls for a new generation of professionals who can come up with creative solutions to problems, think critically, have a broad vision, have the necessary skills for research and analysis, and work productively. Given the need to educate the well-equipped professionals in this field, our department aims to update its academic infrastructure during the new administrative period.   

Our department with its distinguished faculty offers a vibrant and prestigious learning environment for its students. Our department has signed off Erasmus exchange contracts with several universities abroad since we value intercultural exchange and language development of our students. We also initiated the process to become an internationally accredited program.

Department of Public Relations offers four programs at the masters and PhD levels, which includes Interpersonal Communication, Advertising, Research Methods and Public Relations. Our goal is to educate prospective professionals who underwrite global success stories.

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